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Soth Chin

Investor Relations

Soth has over 25 years of financial services experience working with investment advisers, broker-dealers, mutual funds, hedge, private equity, and VC funds. Most of his 25 years have been working with startups seeking to launch an investment adviser, broker-dealer, mutual funds, or ETFs. He has setup investment advisers for wealth management, private equity and venture capital firms and have help these firms launch over 50 mutual funds, ETFs and hedge/private equity funds. He also successfully launched and operated several broker-dealers, including a full-service retail online broker-dealer, a bank affiliated broker-dealer, several mutual fund distributors and most recently a private equity/crowdfunding portal. Soth has served as an Executive and Chief Compliance Officer for all the firms mentioned above. Soth has a bachelor’s degree the University of Maryland, and has the Series 7, 24, 66 and 99 securities registrations.