Different Funds team to join Assure

The private markets have long struggled with a dearth of structured data and transparency. The black box nature of private assets forms an incredibly complex market for investors to navigate. At Different, we helped investors — from institutional LPs to family offices and angels — navigate venture capital and make smarter allocation decisions. 

We built a unique approach to venture data, cataloging 100+ variables across thousands of venture firms, funds, and individual GPs. We unearthed truths and challenged out-dated, pattern-matching. We also embraced transparency: our State of Terms, Women Leading Venture, DeepTech Investing, Tips for Emerging Funds, and VC Deck reports were all published with the explicit purpose of shedding light on opaque and overlooked areas of the venture industry. 

Through the course of our work at Different, we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with several outstanding organizations doing incredible things in and around the private markets. One organization that stood out is Assure

We first met the Assure team in the process of looking for a great fund formation and administration resource for emerging managers who often overpay for overlawyered documents. In the years since, we realized just how much the Assure and Different teams have in common. We both understand the power of data. We both focus on changing outdated approaches and practices  to simplify capital raising. We both value transparency. And we both know the world is on the cusp of tremendous growth and evolution across the private markets. 

So today we’re announcing that the Different team is joining Assure to form Assure Analytics

Our vision is to be the go-to resource for investors across the capital stack, from angels to institutional investors. Together, we’re opening up the playing field for investors of all types and enabling more entrepreneurs and their transformational technologies to change the world.