Investments with impact

Investors choose startups to go beyond financial returns and make a lasting impact. Venture funds can help your investment dollars change the world for the better.

Innovate industries

Lead the evolution of your industry and others.

Transform communities

Fuel the next wave of economic growth in communities that matter to you.

Unleash jobs and power the world

Back companies that drive job creation in your backyard and around the world.

Investments with fundamentals

Follow investment best practices with vetted funds that let you allocate to venture without risking too much time or capital.

Instant portfolio diversity

Diversify your private market investments, just like your public market investments.

Lower investment minimums

Private equity access without the luxury tax; minimum investments as low as $25,000.

Time efficient

We’ve done the initial homework, now you decide how involved you want to be.

Average allocation to alternative assets for high net worth investors. Source: CapGemini 2016 Global Wealth Report.

Investments that can reward

Beyond financial returns, venture investing offers insights into industry futures as well as the chance to experience the entrepreneur’s journey.

Seek alpha fueled by startups

Leverage the rapid growth of innovators to potentially boost your portfolio’s returns.

Robust industry insights

See what the future looks like today: venture investing gives you access to innovations designed to revolutionize industries.

Share the entrepreneur's experience

Get a front row seat to the entrepreneur’s journey, and share in their challenges and triumphs.

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