Our process enables institutional investors, family offices, and advisors to
research, compare, diligence, and transact VC fund investments with efficiency and at scale. We adapt our approach to fit your needs.

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we can help your organization efficiently allocate to venture capital.

Our process:

1. Discuss your priorities and goals

Lay out your mandates, strategic goals, and/or portfolio priorities. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and search for funds that may be a fit.

2. Fund screening

We’ll screen for your parameters across hundreds of venture funds currently in, or soon to be entering, the fundraising market.

3. Due Diligence

With a shortlist in hand, we’ll conduct rigorous fund vetting and collect most of the information your team needs to make a decision.

4. Managed investing

Through single investment vehicles that can be customized to your needs, we can give institutions access to multiple funds with simplified capital calls, distribution, and final closing…all in a single position. Or you can invest directly — we’ll fit into your process.

5. Consolidated reporting

We’ll deliver your required information in one regular report, clearly laying out updates, fees and annual valuation processes used by each fund to report a market value.

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