dif·er·ent: not the same.

– Merriam-Webster

History is full of stories where innovation, breakthroughs, outsized returns, and fundamental shifts in society were catalyzed by being different.

Enterprising individuals — the Ada Lovelaces, Alan Turings, John Bogles and Jonas Salks — built their brands from thinking and doing Different.

At Different, we believe in the power of alternative investments. At their core, they’re the other. They’re what’s different. They’re often the stories you want to tell, the assets you’re excited to follow. They can diversify your portfolio and have the potential for returns that inspire.

Many of the funds we track are different too. They hail from 100+ different metro areas, cover dozens of sectors and investment strategies, and have managers of different genders, ethnicities, perspectives and backgrounds.

We help you find different alternative assets for your portfolio. We specialize in venture capital.

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