Venture Capital Investing Platform DifferentFunds Releases DeepTech Investing Report; Reveals Alarming Consequences of Underinvestment in Sector

Report comes as the U.S. grapples with COVID-19 pandemic,
pressing for investments toward scientific entrepreneurs

Washington, DC, March 30, 2020 – Venture capital investing platform DifferentFunds Inc. today released its seminal 2020 DeepTech Investing Report – a comprehensive report that examines how and why scientific entrepreneurs are systemically undercapitalized, and offers solutions for closing this investment gap. The report, created with the support of Schmidt Futures, is based on interviews with 150 experts, alongside an analysis of hundreds of DeepTech investors and thousands of portfolio companies. It unpacks the capital gaps faced by scientific entrepreneurs and why Wall Street and world-renowned investors tend to ignore them.

The report comes as the world races to manage the COVID-19 pandemic and minimize its damage to lives and economies, with individuals and companies across industries stepping up. Scientific entrepreneurs, who are critically underfunded, are recognized among the most essential groups of people in terms of ability to respond to and prevent the virus.

“We knew going into this work that there were notable threats to American advanced technology innovation, beginning with the lack of capital” said Leslie Jump, CEO of DifferentFunds. “China’s imminent challenge to America’s primacy is on the minds of many, but COVID-19 demonstrates that we have other organic threats as well. Now, more than ever, we need to invest in scientific entrepreneurs who can change the course of our shared future.”

As scientific entrepreneurs continue to build revolutionary technologies that could prevent another global crisis, the DeepTech Investing Report explores how investors can strategically overcome barriers to increase DeepTech investments. The report includes context as to why investors should support scientific entrepreneurs, who can optimize medical logistics find vaccines, or detect epidemics before they originate.

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