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The Rise of ESG in Venture Capital

With climate and social justice concerns growing across the country, many investors have flocked to ESG & impact investing as a source of both social and financial returns — how have the venture capital markets responded?

11 Opportunity Zone Maps: see Context, Momentum, and Facts

With over 8,700 Opportunity Zones across the U.S, navigating and prioritizing zones can be difficult. This article highlights 11 zones (with maps) with interesting context — from billionaire ownership to nearby employers to new real estate projects.  

Follow the Yellow Brick Road? Assessing Opportunity Zones

Different CIO Harold Hughes explains the newly released Opportunity Zone regulations. This is written to allow the reader to understand whether opportunity zone investing may be of interest or, at the very least, provide the ability to confidently engage in cocktail party conversation about OZs.

No Women in Venture Capital? Think Again

The implosion of Binary Capital in the summer of 2017 catalyzed a media narrative around gender imbalance in venture capital. Arguably the spark was lit by Susan Fowler’s blog post about Uber’s workplace culture earlier in the year. But given the outsized role of venture capitalists in determining the fate of promising technologies the question soon […]