Capital per Partner: A Breakdown of VC Assets Under Management

How much venture capital does the typical GP manage in the U.S. and how does the industry standard vary by team size, fund number, and fund size?

Fundraising Cycle Compression: How frequently do VCs raise new funds?

Are VC firms fundraising more frequently than they used to? With the flood of big venture brands announcing the close of new funds this year, it certainly feels that way.  From Lightspeed and NEA to a16z, Insight, Greycroft, and Khosla -- it’s difficult to think of a major VC firm that didn’t announce or close [...]

16 DeepTech Investment Solutions: Tackling the Nation’s Challenges by Doubling Down on DeepTech

Society is facing a critical juncture due to decades of underinvestment in advanced technologies and DeepTech startups. This article presents 16 potential solutions that could jumpstart innovation, create millions of jobs, and help mitigate future crises.

The “Hidden” Capital of Venture Capital: A look at opportunity, SPV, and syndicate funds in US VC

Although less talked about, non-flagship funds (growth funds, SPVs, syndicates, etc.) are a significant source of capital for many VC firms — in this post, we take a detailed look at how these vehicles line up next to the flagship market, their relative prevalence, and the kinds of firms that tend to leverage each.

The Rise of ESG in Venture Capital

With climate and social justice concerns growing across the country, many investors have flocked to ESG & impact investing as a source of both social and financial returns — how have the venture capital markets responded?

Quantifying Mindshare in Venture Capital: Media and PR Activity of VCs

Media attention undoubtedly influences the perception of the venture capital industry, but how representative is this coverage of the VCs actually making investments? New data explores overrepresentation in venture capital media coverage & the distorted perception it creates.

Portfolio Concentration in DeepTech: Do VCs ScienceWash their Theses?

A look at whether DeepTech VCs actually invest in advanced technology companies, how their investment styles and portfolios compare, capital raised, and the GPs’ perceptions of their own portfolios. 

Fundraising Powerhouses: Profiling Mega Funds in Venture Capital

In a VC fundraising landscape increasingly populated with mega funds, what does the rise to $500M look like — and what’s the appeal of these giants for LPs?

Overcoming Double Bias: Women in DeepTech Venture Capital

Analysis on fundraising bias and women DeepTech VCs – who more frequently attain advanced degrees yet consistently raise smaller funds than their male counterparts.

The DeepTech Deal Funnel, Part 2: Venture Capital Gaps

DeepTech startups struggle to progress through meaningful funding milestones and don’t experience the same growth in round size as the broader ecosystem.